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Carolina Grits & Co. is a dedicated gluten-free manufacturing facility.

Carolina Grits are whole grain grits. Not degermed or bran removed.

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Carolina Grits ®

- Traditional old fashioned style
in 1 lb. reclosable bags. Directions are on the bag.

White or Yellow Grits
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Carolina Johnny Cake Mix ( New) a blend of white and yellow finely sifted stone ground corn. Gluten free baking powder, some sugar and NO ADDED SALT. Makes wonderfull pancakes and incredible waffles. Col. K. Cornpone's recipe.



Roasted Grits
A blend of yellow and (roasted to perfection) white dent corn. You can only imagine the taste and aroma of Roasted Grits! Developed and produced by Carolina Grits & Co.

Roasted Grits
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Geechee Grits ®
Stone Cut Whole Grits. 2 sizes of larger grits form a southeastern Sea Island style grits favored by the chefs for Shrimp and Grits.

Geechee Grits
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American Polenta

American grown, North Carolina produced Polenta. Specifically sifted bianco o giallo mais . Catered to the Argentine and Med cooking styles. Cooking example would be 1 cup of American Polenta & 4 cups of water brought to a boil then simmered to a smooth perfection. Salting and bouillon stock cube additions as desired. Try baking the same mix in a glass baking dish, stirring 1/2 way thru the 35 min at 360 deg.

Bianco or Giallo Polenta
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Geechee Grits originGeechee Grits
From the Gulah cooking tradition in the Sea Islands of South Carolina. There are two specific sizes of grits together, one is large and pluffs to the size of cooked rice, and the other is smaller but yet is larger than the traditional size of stone ground grits. This forms a base for the larger grit and makes them so interesting to eat. The two sizes create a rich texture that makes the grits as interesting to eat as anything they are served with.

Carolina Grits & Co.
Rumor Mill

They might appear to be irreproducible results, however, substantiated customer testimony reveals the effects of Carolina Grits on the welfare of the local community.

October 2007- Group chatter at the round table in the local country store was about a couple in the Westridge area having a marital dispute Sunday morning.. The husband just bought a bag of Carolina Grits® the day previous at the Farmers Market and decided to cook some, the wife refusing. The aromatic aura created evidently caused a moment of peace and allowed a settling discussion and the dispute was resolved.

July 2008- An unsolicited claim by a renown local farmer. "Those (Carolina) Grits will improve your nightlife!".

Sept 2008- Ray said, "My wife wants 2 bags just like that last ones. Ya got some?

Spring 2009- Ginger Pittman said, "Must have been the grits"

Summer 2009- Arther Bailey said, "Those are Geechee Grits". Mike, the chef at the Post Office Restaurant on Edisto Island, SC said "Those the Geechee Grits alright".

Fall 2009- Tiger Woods loves Carolina Grits. And Ginger had a boy!

Spring 2011- The start of American Polenta that will replace any Euro Polenta.

Sept 2014-Thanks so much for sending the grits and the of Col. Cornpones Johnny Cake mix. Your grits are the best I have ever purchased -- but the Johnny Cake Mix was purely heaven sent. I made cornbread out of it -- with just water, oil and salt. I wish I could eat like that everyday. By the way, who is Colonel Cornpone?

Feb 2015 (Carolina Grits) thank you! We were given a package of your grits for Christmas, they were delicious, better than any milled grits we had ever tasted! Being in North Georgia we're know grits; and are surrounded by several good mills..but yours are the best! Thank you! Jim and Janie

Young Texans Against Cancer grits cookoff winner. His presentation of "Carolina Country Grits" with Gulf Coast shrimp and slow-roasted corn laced with a tasso beurre blanc was a sure winner.

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